Stirring the Shakti: Women’s Autumn Hot Springs Retreat

Shakti is the alive, creative, wild wisdom of the Divine Feminine.  Join Shanti and Shayna this October for 3 days in beautiful Truth or Consequences, New Mexico basking in the sacred hot spring waters, immersing in a safe, fun and sacred circle of sisterhood, for Stirring the Shakti Women’s … [Read more...]

Stirring the Shakti: 10th Annual Women’s Retreat

Shakti is the alive, creative, wild wisdom of the Divine Feminine.  Join a sacred circle of sisterhood in Stirring the Shakti for a daylong women's retreat at the temple of the StarHouse located in the foothills of Boulder, CO.    This year we celebrate the 10th Annual gathering! … [Read more...]

Stirring the Shakti: 7 Day Personal Journey into the Sacred

As I journey toward my 50th revolution around the sun in February, I am taking a 7-day pause to observe the crossing of this threshold by diving deeply into the sacred through signs, symbols, cycles and rhythms of my wild wisdom. Would you like to join me in carving out 30 minutes a day, from the … [Read more...]

Celebrating Life’s Sacred Cycles & Stages

In a few short weeks I will embark on my 50th revolution around the sun. In honor of beginning a new stage and sacred cycle of my life, I have been focusing the past 6 months on shedding stale relationships, letting go of old ways of being, and surrendering stagnant career patterns.  I … [Read more...]

Attuning To Your Innate Intelligence & Intuition: Body, Brain and Breath

Begin your new year by joining Shanti and Leanne Holitza on Sunday, January 28, 2018  1-4pm for an afternoon workshop attuning to your innate intelligence and intuition through our body, brain and breath. Learn to align yourself with your innate intelligence and intuitive wisdom by … [Read more...]

Train your Brain to Grow Gratitude: A 5 minute breathing practice

More and more studies in the field of neuroscience are pointing to our ability to use simple practices of awareness and attention to engage and grow parts of our brain wired for change. These findings over the past 20 years focus on neuroplasticty which is our brain’s ability to form new neural … [Read more...]

Breathe More Stress Less with Two Simple Tools

Our bodies literally imprint the biography of our life. More and more research is pointing to discovering and uncovering stressors in our lives that inhibit our wellbeing and hinder our health. These stressors could be related to work, relationships, diet, or even our daily schedule. Whether big or … [Read more...]

The Neurobiology of Chanting: Three ways to heal your mind, body and heart

Over the past 20 years, there have been amazing discoveries in the field of neuroscience, including the neurological benefits of chanting, mantra and meditation. Through proven research and empirical studies, researchers have discovered neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to change, grow and prune … [Read more...]

Starhouse Ecstatic Chant

Ecstatic Starhouse Kirtan Join us  on Saturday, June 2, 2018 for a magical Starhouse Kirtan with ecstatic chant, meditation, dance and more! Come join in community with Scott & Shanti and their full band for this celebratory evening. All are welcome. No experience necessary. Tickets … [Read more...]

Unite & Ignite:A Soulful September Celebration

Unite & Ignite:A Soulful September Celebration Join us on September 16th to enjoy the beautiful Autumn colors for Unite & Ignite: A Community Soulful September Celebration PLUS enjoy an optional delicious Farm to Table dinner (more details below) immediately following … [Read more...]