ABCs to Navigate Rough Seas: A Yogi’s Toolkit for Resilience and Restoring Innate Wisdom

ABCs to Navigate Rough Seas: A Yogi’s Toolkit for Resilience and Restoring Innate Wisdom At the age when most children are being taught their ABCs, I was learning the ABCs of life through the actions of my biological parents. Rather than building a foundation of letter shapes and sounds like the … [Read more...]

Plugging into Your Body Current Intelligence

Each moment offers us the opportunity to plug into our current of mind-body-soul communication, also known as our Body Current intelligence. New neural pathways of well-being and embodied self-realization begin to take root as neural and cellular imprints in our neurobiology when we … [Read more...]

Mexico Retreat 2018: Yoga, Ecstatic Chant & Meditation with Scott & Shanti

Yoga, Ecstatic Chant & Meditation Retreat Embodying the Elements with Scott & Shanti Medina and mala making with special guest, Ky Gabriel Mar de Jade Wellness Center in Chacala, Mexico  April 7-14, 2018 Join Shanti and Scott Medina, along with special guests, where the jungle … [Read more...]

Embodying the Elements: A Sensory Practice in Awareness

Embodying the Elements: A Sensory Practice in Awareness  This practice is my go-to practice to empower a felt-sense of calm and homeostasis through embodied self-realization. No prior experience is necessary. If you have any medical conditions like high blood pressure or if you are … [Read more...]

July 28-30 Attuning to the Body Current & SoMAntra Kirtan at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Attuning to the Body Current Sacred Sound, Ecstatic Chant, & Embodied Movement at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health with Shanti and Scott Medina Journey into self-discovery by attuning to your Body Current® intelligence, the present-moment pathway of innate wisdom and sensory … [Read more...]

Body Current Practice Videos NOW AVAILABLE

We are happy to announce we now have 4 of Shanti's most empowering Body Current®  practices on-demand videos at the Neurosculpting Institute Learning Store  for only $9.99: Body Current® Heart Centering Practice, Plugging into Your Body Current® Intelligence, Body … [Read more...]

Body Current® Heart Centering Practice

During a time when many are feeling a lack of inner peace and an increase in outer turbulence due to world events, stress-induced illnesses or even chronic pain, it's more important than ever for each of us to take responsibility in navigating our emotions and reactions from a place of … [Read more...]

Soaking in the Sacred with Scott & Shanti at Truth or Consequences

Join Scott and Shanti Medina on April 1, 2017 in beautiful Truth or Consequences, NM for a day (or two) soaking in the elixir of the healing hot springs before and after basking in the sacred temple of your soul. Enjoy an afternoon workshop, soak in the springs and join the evening kirtan. All … [Read more...]

Awakening the Body Current and Kirtan at True Nature Healing Arts

Join Scott and Shanti Medina on Saturday, January 21, 2017 for Awakening the Body Current:Priming Neural Pathways workshop followed by an evening ecstatic SoMAntra kirtan at the beautiful True Nature Healing Arts sanctuary in Carbondale, CO.  Enjoy an experiential live music journey … [Read more...]

Radiance Revealed with Scott & Shanti: Ecstatic Chant, Sacred Sound, Embodied Movement

Join Scott and Shanti at their home studio in Boulder, CO on Saturday, March 11, 2017 for a sweet and deep journey into revealing your radiance through live mantra chanting and sacred soundscapes infused with mudra, movement and meditation. Open to all. No experience necessary. Enjoy a felt … [Read more...]