Body Current Practice Videos NOW AVAILABLE

We are happy to announce we now have 4 of Shanti’s most empowering Body Current®  practices on-demand videos at the Neurosculpting Institute Learning Store  for only $9.99: Body Current® Heart Centering Practice, Plugging into Your Body Current® Intelligence, Body Current® Rhythmic Breathing Practice, and Body Current® Protocol for Releasing Stress and Chronic Pain.

These 4 practices are simple and short (16-20 minutes in length) yet pack a powerful practice. They are a great opportunity to learn to regulate and navigate your inner landscape by plugging into your Body Current intelligence again and again alongside Shanti. 


Body Current® Heart Centering Practice

This 18 minute video is a hands-on tool to understand how the physical body imprints experiences and impressions into the neurobiology and how the breath and embodied movement is a resource to immediately begin to release old imprints and create new neural grooves. Shanti empowers the practitioner through a simple 8 minute heart centering practice layered with a SoMAntra soundscape for the heart to ignite the abiding intelligence of the heart by witnessing and releasing old imprints and conditioning no longer serving while opening up to our fullest expression in living our heartfelt intention.  

Investment: $9.99 to own the video. Click here to purchase: On-demand video 

Read our blog to learn more about the benefits of and steps to this empowering practice: Body Current Heart Centering Practice


Plugging into Your Body Current® Intelligence

In this 16 minute video you will learn how to self-direct your nervous system by applying ancient wisdom to modern day needs. Experience an 8 minute breathing practice you can do anytime and anywhere to relax the nervous system, mitigate stress and attune to the innate wisdom. Explore turning your awareness inward, toward your own body-centered intelligence, creating pathways immediately accessible to plug into the current of communication arising through each moment, pulsing through each breath.

Investment: $9.99 to own the video. Click here to purchase: On-demad video


Body Current® Rhythmic Breathing Practice

This 16 minute video is a simple and practical breathing and finger tapping application you can do anywhere and anytime you feel out of rhythm or in the middle of chaos, anxiety or the stresses of life. Experience an 8 minute body-centered practice layered with a SoMAntra soundscape to align the root chakra. Learn to self-direct the nervous system allowing the pulsation of the innate wisdom and abiding intelligence to sync into rhythm.  

Investment: $9.99 to own the video. Click here to purchase: On-demad video


Body Current® Protocol for Releasing Stress and Chronic Pain

This 20 minute video is a proven protocol empowering the practitioner to begin to release stress and even the patterns and sensations of chronic pain from the blueprint of the nervous system. Shanti guides a body-centered moving meditation layered with a SoMAntra healing soundscape allowing for the release of old imprints, experiences and impressions from the neurobiology. These imprints are often created by stress and express through emotional, mental or physical pain. Learn how you can use this simple protocol to allow stress and pain to move through you rather than feel like it’s happening to you.

Investment: $9.99 to own the video. Click here to purchase: On-demad video


SoMAntra Double-CD

Sacred sound, somatic practices, chanting and more. A wonderful accompaniment to the videos with a full CD of practices including 7 five-minute guided sound healing meditations through the chakras .  

SoMAntra™ is a double-CD produced by three-time Grammy-winning producer Tom Wasinger with over 150 minutes of ecstatic chants, sacred sound meditations, and embodied practices empowering the innate mind/body wisdom to self-regulate the nervous system. This unique collection of original chants, 45 minutes of guided soundscape meditations and embodiment practices from wisdom-traditions around the globe take the listener on a journey into the current moment of abiding self-realization. These simple body intelligence practices support the practitioner in mitigating stress and resolving chronic pain as they discover applicable and transformative tools to self-regulate the nervous system through mantra (chanting), mudra(ancient symbolic hand gesture), sacred sound, and guided meditation.

SoMAntra™ is the experience where SOMA (body) and MANTRA (sacred sound incantation or invocation) are ONE vibration.

 Investment: $10  Click here to purchase: Double CD or Download Card 


Body Current Application at a Glance


shanti photoShanti Medina is the founder of Body Current®, an empowering application of simple somatosensory practices and entrainment principles to ignite self-realization and instill embodied living with each breath. She is a Certified Neurosculpting®Facilitator, Pranic Healer and Yoga Therapist sharing her Body Current curriculum as faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as well as the certification program at the Neurosculpting Institute.

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