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Shanti Medina, RYT CNSF CPT created the Body Current® modality after over 15 years designing personal therapy programs for clients infusing simple and highly effective yoga therapy and nueuromuscular exercises with the mindfulness practices of awareness, acceptance and allowing.  These highly accessible and transformative practices have proven to mitigate stress, eliminate chronic pain, heal systemic disorders and align the mind, body, and spirit by engaging in the current of innate, somatic wisdom.

There is a current of intelligence and deep knowing that flows within the awareness of the present moment through the union and harmony of our body, mind and spirit. Our connection to this pulsation and inner wisdom is often lost in our busy day to day activities and thoughts which often take us out of the present moment. When we slow down and drop into the awareness of the current moment, we begin to turn on and align with the natural rhythm of our unique Body Current® and the pulsation of life itself. Learning to engage, connect and deeply listen to our body intelligence helps in preventing and resolving imbalance, dis-ease and misalignments that cause pain and suffering.

Energize training systems and Body Current® therapeutics combine the latest research in neuroscience with evidence-based teachings of the ancients to awaken the innate body intelligence.  By laying down new neuromuscular grooves (or pathways) in present moment time through the communication of sensation in the body, we unwind old conditioning resetting our nervous system and shifting our neurobiology. This leads to synergy and alignment of  body, mind and spirit that invites the releasing of old constructs and even chronic pain while restoring health and vitality.  The highly accessible and transformative Body Current® tools include yoga therapy, mindfulness practices, embodied movement physical therapy, and neuromuscular reprogramming.

This synergy of mind, body and spirit empowers neuroplasticity, transformation and integration whether working through a traumatic event or brain injury, chronic or acute pain or life transitions and transformations. Turn on the current of YOUR body intelligence, shift your beliefs and reprogram your neurology for health and well-being!
Clients have amazing results in just one session as they begin to lay down new neurological pathways! Individual sessions in person in Boulder, CO or via Skype or phone.


“Wow Shanti! Thank you so much for following your heart’s call. You are a profoundly gifted healer. I am so grateful that you shared Body Current with me. I have done a great deal of healing work over the years and even with all of that it didn’t seem I was able to completely heal the PTSD that has been with me for so long.   In one short session with you, I had miraculous results!! I feel as if I came full circle, honoring all aspects of this precious journey and have come to once again uncover a greatness inside of me that I always knew was there, but couldn’t fully access. The self-imposed chains have fallen. The veil has lifted. You helped me open the door… to so many things. Embrace your power Beloved. You are opening the way for so many others to follow. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am deeply grateful for you and the beauty you bring to the planet.”

-Annie Freedom, Founder and President Samadhi Center for Yoga

“After years of excruciating sciatic pain and thousands of dollars working with traditional and alternative practitioners, Shanti changed my life in only 6 private sessions.”

- Holly S.

“Working with Shanti has increased my success to this end exponentially. I continually get positive feedback from patients regarding her unique combination of technical expertise and inspiring personality. I feel so fortunate to collaborate with Shanti for the benefit of my patients!”

- Danielle Custode, D.C.  Full Potential Chiropractic

Shanti infuses her certifications in Personal Training/Wellness Coaching, advanced Pranic Healing, Neurosculpting®, Yoga Therapy, Reiki and Pilates to design individualized meditations and authentic movement exercises for her clients and students to transform and align from the inside out.