Crown Chakra –  Sahasrara – the element is consciousness, the color is crystal light and embodies all the colors of the chakras.  It is located at the top of the head.  The qualities of this chakra are knowing, transcendence, unified consciousness, connectedness.

Meditation: Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.  Bring your awareness to your thoughts and simply watch them like clouds passing through a brilliant blue sky not getting attached or labeling any of the thoughts, but simply being the observer of the sensations in your body as the thoughts pass through.  Notice the impermanence of the thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Energize reaches out and collaborates with a variety of inspiring professionals to raise the vibration, invite in diversity and inspire co-creation.

A wonderful venue to hold events and share sacred space is the Starhouse, a temple nestled in the beauty of the Colorado Foothills.

The StarHouse

Below is a list of movers, shakers and healers we recommend to keep you connected:

Colleen Vistara with PeaceRobe

Colleen’s Peace Robe attire inspires us to live our peace from the inside out.  Her clothing and sense of design, comfort and color create an amazing addition to anyone’s PeaceRobe!

“I have collaborated with Shanti on many events. She brings a vibrant passion to each one, infusing it with her wisdom, heart and creativity. Shanti is a powerful leader. She knows how to get things done & bring people together.”~ Colleen Vistara


Cheri Shanti with CheriShanti and

Cheri travels the globe inspiring women to live from and share their authentic selves.  She is an amazing holder of space, musician and ritual creater!

Shanti brings such a rare balance of professionalism, purpose, passion and playfulness to her work! I have had the honor of working and performing with her for several events and it has been a delightful experience to share in the magic!”~ Cheri Shanti

Danielle Custode D.C. with FullPotentialChiropractic

Dr. Custode is an amazing chiropractor specializing in the female body.  She has the ability to look beyond the physical body and into the heart of the patient’s condition bringing in wisdom and intuition to fine tune a holistic approach to improve the functioning of the physical body empowering each patient to live life to their fullest potential.

As a chiropractor, my ultimate goal is not only to get people out of pain but to improve their function and reduce their risk of reinjury in the future.  Working with Shanti has increased my success to this end exponentially.  Once I have cleared the nervous system and restored joint motion through chiropractic adjustments, Shanti steps in and assesses the patient’s alignment and muscle imbalances, offering a personalized set of exercises and advice that patients can take home and practice for effective and long lasting change.  I continually get positive feedback from patients regarding her unique combination of technical expertise and inspiring personality.  I feel so fortunate to collaborate with Shanti for the benefit of my patients!”~Danielle Custode, D.C.


Judy Godec
with VenusandVetiver

Judy creates delicious, all natural facial and full body alchemizing botanicals for health, beauty, & serenity

Becca Haydon with SoulBlueprint

Becca inspires us to discover and live by the blueprint of our soul.  She is a gifted healer, intuit and instructor.

“I love attending Shanti’s classes and workshops–both yoga and fitness–because I always leave feeling more joyful, expansive and connected to my body.  Each of her carefully planned classes feels masterfully choreographed–with a theme and a rhythm, whether with weights and a fit ball or on a yoga mat.  Within that rhythm and with her exceptional knowledge, Shanti provides modifications for those of us with injuries or conditions; her classes are suitable for everyone and anyone who strives for mind-body fitness with a spiritual connection.  Shanti’s heart-centered and playful style makes even the most difficult exercise a challenge I want to undertake.  She teaches more than just a class; Shanti gives you an experience of yourself, your potential, your connection and your power.” ~Becca Haydon, Soul Tracker, Numerologist, Yoga Instructor & Holistic Health Educator

Regina Stribling with Karunacuna Productions

Regina is an amazing artist sharing her gifts in the form of inspiring artwork, house clearing and a variety of videography.  She inspires a somatic and visceral connection and aliveness in her each of her artforms. Karunacuna Productions provides conscious compassionate experiences that empower and harmonize individuals, groups and environments.

“Shanti Medina holds the essence of altruistic service for others. Her purposefulness, caring heart, and flow with divine nature bring great joy and appreciation to all those who collaborate with her! I highly recommend collaborating with Shanti! She deeply touches and enhances my life with her amazing outreach to bring together artistically spiritual beings!”~ Regina Stribling, Karunacuan Productions

Patty Dautremont Johns with Boulder Acupuncture Clinic

Patty is an amazingly compassionate, skilled and intuitive acupuncturist.  She, along with the healers listed below, helped Shanti heal after a very complex total body injury from a rear-end car accident.

Shanti’s suggestions for other amazing healers in the Boulder, CO area:

Physical Therapist:  Lori Hayne, CMPT                     303.444.8707

Certified Massage Therapist: Leam Blackwood, CMT           303-324-5917

Pilates & Matrix Energy Work: Inge Moorby                           303-444-2554

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