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scott and shanti in Carbondale

SoMAntra Kirtan and Body Current Workshop –

True Nature Healing Arts, Carbondale, CO –

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Join us for a Saturday afternoon 3:30-6pm workshop AWAKENING THE BODY CURRENT WITH YOGA AND LIVE MUSIC: PRIMING THE NEURAL PATHWAYS and at 7:30pm SOMANTRA EMBODIED KIRTAN AND CD RELEASE EVENT. Scott and Shanti will be joined at both events by their bassist and sound engineer from the SoMAntra CD project. Open to all levels of practice. Investment: Afternoon Workshop: only $30 SoMAntra Evening Kirtan: only $10 Attend both: only $35  Find out more HERE.

scott shanti durango feb 4 2015 smaller

Community Kirtan – Inhabit, Durango, CO –

Thursday, February 5, 2015 7pm

Join us for an evening of kirtan and devotional chanting from wisdom traditions around the globe with local Durango favorites, Tim & Cheryl Birchard along with Scott & Shanti Medina from Boulder, CO. The evening will include several embodiment practices off of the recently released SoMAntra double-CD utilizing mantra, mudra, meditation and breath to self-regulate the nervous system and ignite the innate wisdom. All are welcome. Investment: $10  No experience necessary. Find out more HERE.



SoMAntra Embodied Kirtan Friday 7pm

Body Current Priming the Neural Pathways Workshop Saturday 3pm:

Sedona Yoga Festival 

Join us for a Friday evening full band, featuring Tim and Cheryl Birchard, main stage music event for our SoMAntra Embodied Kirtan and on Saturday a LIVE MUSIC Body Current: Priming the Neural Pathways yoga therapy workshop including asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra and sacred sound. Enter MEDINA to get 10% off your festival pass. Check out the schedule HERE.


Awakening the Body Current: Priming the Neural Pathways LIVE MUSIC

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 7-9pm

Location: Neurosculpting Institute, 639 East 19th Denver, CO 80203

The Body Current® is revolutionary empowering system of simple and highly effective transformational body-centered practices designed to gently release trauma, resolve chronic pain, mitigate daily stress, and reprogram old conditioning in the mind/body/cellular map through self-realization. This class will explore several somatic and yoga therapy practices to awaken the innate wisdom by self-regulating the nervous system. Learn tools to entrain with the current of the moment through earnest awareness, acceptance and allowing. Experience priming the neural pathways with practices of conscious breathing, ancient hand gestures, and embodied movement for all levels of practice. This class will have LIVE MUSIC to deepen our experience. Open to all. Pre-requisit for Neurosculpting Facilitator Certification.

Investment: Pick your price option $15, $25, $35  Registration : Neurosculpting Institute




 SoMAntra™: An Embodied LIVE MUSIC Sacred Sound Experience

with Scott and Shanti Medina along with Robert Rand

Saturday, December 6, 2014 : 1-3:30pm 

Location: Mudra Yoga Studio, 1550 South Pearl St. Suite 202 ~ Denver, Colorado 80210

Join us for an afternoon immersion embodying mantra, meditation, mudra and sacred sound to ignite our innate and abiding mind/body intelligence. We will ride the current of the moment and root into the tone of the soundscape exploring the pulse of mantra and stillness of meditation. through transformative somatic body intelligence practices. This is open to all levels of practice and experience. Discover how these simple, applicable and transformative body intelligence practices can empower you to mitigate stress, self-regulate your nervous system, and resolve chronic pain. All are welcome. No experience necessary.

Investment: $45 includes immersion PLUS SoMAntra™ double-CD with over 150 minutes of original chants, 45 minutes of soundscape guided meditations and embodied practices to ignite the innate mind/body intelligence and self-regulate the nervous system.  $30 immersion alone without CD

Registration: Pre-registation and credit card purchases, please email Cash and check only at the door.20% of all CD profits are being donated to The Give Back Yoga Foundation and Common Spirit.

Sponsored by Mudra Yoga Studio


Bodycurrent logo

Body Current® Basics: Attuning the Innate Intelligence

Attend LIVE in Denver, CO or LIVE STREAM to your home from anywhere around the globe. 

Date and Time: Wednesday December 10, 2014 7pm-9pm MST

What would it feel like to move throughout our day entraining and attuning with the “current of the moment” through the flowing current of abiding mind/body intelligence? Join us to experience simple and applicable practices to ignite the innate wisdom cultivating and navigating each moment through a heightened sense of awareness, acceptance and allowing. All are welcome. No experience necessary.

Learn applicable and empirically-proven foundation Body Current® practices to attune to your vagal tone (10th cranial nerve) self-directing your nervous system and choosing to regulate your response to stress and distress through simple choice. What if it was that simple? What if all it took was a true choice to step into the moment fully embodying our innate intelligence and experiencing life happening through us rather than done to us?

Join us as we playfully explore the terrain of our brain linking and syncing with the waves of our mind. Experience embodying the current moment through yoga therapy-based mindfulness and somatic practices layered on top of a current of sacred sound designed to empower a self-directed shift in our neurobiology. It takes just a moment to lay down a new neural groove and begin the journey into reprograming our very own mind/body map. Are you ready to make the choice?

Disclosure: These practices have been known to mitigate stress and stimulate self-directed neuroplasticity.

Investment: Pick your price option to fit your budget:  $20, $25, $35

Registration:  LIVE STREAM pre-registration required and LIVE in Denver pre-registration highly suggested.  To register click here: Neurosculpting Institute

Location: The Neurosculpting Institute 639 East 19th Denver, CO 80203


Awakening the Body Current®: Priming the Neural Pathways

What is your body trying to communicate to you and through you? Learn to reprogram your brain and self-regulate your nervous system by simply listening deeply to the sensations and mind/body communications of your innate wisdom through easy and applicable somatic and yoga therapy practices. Open to all levels of experience.

The Body Current® is revolutionary empowering system of simple and highly effective body-centered empowerment practices designed to gently mitigate stress and down regulate the limbic system while resolving and reprogramming trauma and old conditioning in the mind/body map through present moment awareness, acceptance and allowing.

This introductory class is part lecture and part experiential. We will experience two somatic practices to awaken and ignite the current of communication and sensation through the framework of introspection, interoception and proprioception.

Open to all levels of practice and experience. This class qualifies as one of the Body Current® pre-requisites required for Neurosculpting® Facilitator certification.

Registration Link: Neurosculpting® Institute 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 7pm-9pm

Location: The Neurosculpting Institute 639 East 19th Denver, CO 80203



 Kirtan with Scott Medina and the Kirtan Band at StarHouse in Boulder, CO


Starhouse Kirtan

We’re so looking forward to returning to the StarHouse on Saturday, August 30, 2014,  for a beautiful evening of ecstatic chant.

Please join us for this spirited gathering! Led by Scott Medina with Shanti Medina, Gayan Long, Steve Bross on pulsating percussion, and special guest Robert Rand on bass and optimal-sound-EQ! We have such an uplifting experience at these kirtans, and the next one won’t be until June 28th, so we hope you can join us this month!

Kirtan is at 7:30 and the doors open at 7:15. Tickets are available ONLY AT THE DOOR, for $15 each. All are welcome. Children 13 and under are FREE

Date: Saturday August 30, 2014, 7:30pm at the Starhouse in the foothills of Boulder, CO

Address: 3476 Sunshine Canyon, Boulder 80302

Directions to the StarHouse (do not use Google Maps, etc…, it is not always accurate!): The StarHouse is located 3.5 miles (10 minutes) west of Boulder up Sunshine Canyon. From 4th Street and Mapleton Avenue in Boulder, drive west on Mapleton Avenue (which turns into “Sunshine Canyon”) about 3.5 miles. Turn right at the sign that reads “3476.” You’ll drive up the driveway. Parking is clearly marked at the *top* of the hill. After parking, walk down the other side of the hill, towards the StarHouse, which you’ll soon see through the trees. You may want to bring a flashlight to help you if this is your first time at the StarHouse. Please wear shoes appropriate for a short walk through a forest (you’ll be taking them off once inside the StarHouse)



2014 Retreats:

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 3.45.47 PM

Embodied Warrior:

Neurosculpting® Path to Personal Empowerment

Weeklong Retreat at Synergia Ranch, New Mexico

September 21 – 27 2014
with Lisa Wimberger and Shanti Medina


 6 nights Accommodation at Synergia Ranch

 3 Organic Fresh Vegetarian Meals a day 

EveryDay Warrior Neurosculpting® Training with Lisa Wimberger

Body Current® Conditioning with Shanti Medina

Sacred Art from the Heart  with Una Viggiani

synergia circle


Healing and transformation doesn’t come from wishing, it comes from doing. Many of us have been told what we SHOULD do but not HOW to do it. In this hands-on immersion into practical Neurosculpting® we’ll dive deep into HOW to transform old limiting patterns, heal emotional wounds, and rewrite better mental programs. This is the direct curriculum which is outlined in NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear. This immersion serves as a transformational platform for life-long healing and qualifies as the first pre-req towards the Neurosculpting® Facilitator Certification Training for those who continue onward.

In this program you will learn to:

*Identify your personal limiting beliefs

*Learn basic neurotransmitter manipulation (dopamine, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine)

*Create a mind-body map for neurological associations

*Navigate and use six reprogramming/meditation techniques

*Grounding, neutrality, boundaries/auric space, recalibration/gold sun, programming, right-brain/left-brain communication

*Apply a neurological overlay to existing limitations

*Create a new and limitless belief system


Body Current® conditioning combines the latest research in neuroscience with evidence-based teachings of the ancients to turn on our innate body intelligence.  By laying down new neuromuscular grooves (or pathways) in present moment time through the communication of sensation in the body, we unwind old conditioning resetting our nervous system and shifting our neurobiology.  This leads to synergy and alignment of  body, mind and spirit in current time releasing old constructs and even chronic pain while restoring health and vitality.  The highly accessible and effective Body Current® tools include shamanic journeying, yoga therapy practices, physical fitness exercises, somatic and physical therapy, embodied movement and mindfulness techniques.

In this program you will learn to:

*Experience you innate body intelligence

*Release old constructs and conditioning that no longer serve you through the wisdom of mind, body, spirit mapping

*Learn specific and unique Body Current® techniques designed by Shanti rooted in yoga and somatic therapy, pranic healing and neuromuscular conditioning.

*Rejuvenate and radically restore your body with intention and clarity.

*Discover radical embodied present moment awareness techniques to lay down new neural grooves (or pathways) to shift your neurobiology and reboot and restore your nervous system.


Art is an expression of the body, mind and heart. Using kindergarten art techniques, Sacred Art from the Heart allows individuals to tap into their creativity without being intimidated by skill or craft. When we are given the freedom to express in color, shape, and form, without an expectation of the final outcome, creation becomes a meditation. This creation meditation opens channel to the subconscious and emotional realms where you can dive into the depths of your heart.

This retreat is open to all levels and experience.



Synergia Ranch, New Mexico

Located 30 minutes from the center of historic Santa Fe and 45 minutes drive from Albuquerque, Synergia Ranch is set on 111 acres of high desert prairie, dotted with pinon and juniper trees. This center for innovation and retreats boasts an organic orchard and farm, a geodesic dome, cozy New mexican styled accommodations, indoor and outdoor catered dining facilities and gorgeous hiking trails. The spaciousness of the desert landscape coupled with the nurturing accommodation and home cooked meals create the ideal environment for diving deep into the brain changing Neurosculpting® meditations.


lisa w bio shot

Lisa Wimberger

Lisa Wimberger is the founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute. She holds a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Stonybrook, NY and a Foundations Certification in NeuroLeadership. She is the author of NEW BELIEFS, NEW BRAIN: Free Yourself from Stress and Fear, Neurosculpting®: A Step-by-Step Program to Change Your Brain and Transform Your Life, and Neurosculpting® for Stress Relief. Lisa runs a private practice teaching Neurosculpting® techniques to clients who suffer from stress disorders. Lisa began her meditation practice at age 12. Hit by lightning at age 15, and clinically dead on multiple occasions, Lisa uses her traumatic experience as a vehicle for transformation. More information at

Shanti Medina

Shanti Medina

Shanti Medina, RYT CNSF CPT created the Body Current® modality after over 15 years designing personal therapeutic and integrated mind/body programs for her clients. This revolutionary system of self-realization and transformation gently releases trauma and conditioning through simple and highly effective body-centered yoga therapy and neuromuscular exercises in the framework of present moment mindfulness practices of awareness, acceptance and allowing. These accessible and highly effective practices have proven to mitigate stress, resolve chronic pain, heal systemic disorders and align the mind, body, and spirit by engaging in the current of innate, somatic wisdom. To find out more about Shanti and the Body Current® modality visit


6 nights Accommodation at Synergia Ranch

3 Organic Fresh Vegetarian Meals a day

EveryDay Warrior Neurosculpting Training®  with Lisa Wimberger

Body Current® Conditioning with Shanti Medina

Transportation or additional massage services not Included




Shared room / Shared bathroom = $1,800.00

Single room / Shared bathroom =$1,900.00

Shared room / Private bath =$2,000.00

Single room / Private bathroom = $2,200.00


Travel is not included in the retreat. If you plan to drive, we can pair you up with a driving buddy if needed.

If you plan to fly, we can arrange a pick up at the San Jose airport.

Please plan on arriving at Synergia Ranch by 3pm on Sunday September 21st


Registration is 2 parts:

1) Fill out the registration form including your electronic signature and ICE information.


2) Send a deposit to hold your space.


$250 USD deposit holds your space and is non-refundable.


Send payments via Paypal to

Room Types:

Room types vary based on the retreat center, as detailed in each retreat section, and are available on a first come first serve basis. Some rooms book faster than others and we cannot guarantee a certain type of room, nor can we guarantee the possibility of sharing a room. If you would like to share a room and are travelling alone, we would be happy to match you up with someone else from the retreat if that is available.

Cancellation Policy:

While we have never cancelled a retreat yet, there is always the possibility that something could occur that would require us to cancel. If we have to cancel a retreat for any reason, you can request a refund in writing. The Neurosculpting® Institute and Bella Retreats are not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any canceled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.

If you as a retreat participator has to cancel a retreat for any reason, including but not limited to bad weather, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, flight delays or cancellations, illness, health conditions, medical or personal or family or work emergencies or change of mind, the policy is as follows:

$250 deposit and additional $150 administration fee will not be refunded.

If you cancel more than 90 days in advance of retreat start date, a full refund, minus non-refundable deposit and administration fee will be given.

If you cancel within 60 days of the retreat start date, a 50% refund minus non-refundable deposit and administration fee will be given.

If you cancel with 30 days or less of the retreat start date, no refund will be given.


Una – 303-921-7971



Stirring the Shakti

8th Annual Women’s Summer Solstice Journey
Shakti is the creative manifesting energy of the universe.  Join us to stir and ignite the life force that is YOU for a full-day retreat designed for women!
Saturday, June 21, 2014 10:00 am-10:00pm at the beautiful Starhouse in the foothills 15 minutes outside beautiful downtown Boulder, CO
*Nature *Rejuvenation *Silence *Sisterhood *Journaling *Authentic Movement *Mindfulness
Enjoy the sacred land and divine architecture of the beautiful StarHouse with  Shanti Medina and Lisa Wimberger along with Kelly Larson and Teresita Nomadica

*Immerse in hands-on practical Neurosculpting® with Lisa Wimberger to dive deep into HOW to transform old limiting patterns, heal emotional wounds, and rewrite better mental programs

*Enjoy the magic and synergy of communing in sisterhood for a full day just for YOU

*Shift and release old issues from your tissues by turning on, listening to and responding from YOUR innate mind, body, spirit intelligence through radical present moment awareness of the communication of sensation in your Body Current® with Shanti Medina

*Explore authentic movement through Sacred Stage with Teresita Nomadica to inspire and empower the Spirit Dancer within

*Rejuvenate and restore your body with Kelly Larson‘s transformative and deeply potent Power Yin Yoga

A portion of the proceeds from this gathering will go to the Prison Transitional Program for Women via The Give Back Yoga Foundation.  We are honored to be offering 4 scholarships for women successfully participating in this program to this gathering.

This is also part of Samadhi Center for Yoga’s 500HR Teacher Training.  To find out more visit their website at Samadhi Yoga.

Pre-registration required as this event sells out annually!

To register simply email Shanti at to check on space availability and submit payment to secure your space via check or credit card (see below).


You choose the price that fits your budget best.  All registrations include  4 facilitators for the 12 hour journey PLUS one catered organic, vegan and gluten-free community meal.  You will get a more detailed email upon registration as far as bringing snacks and how to prepare for our journey. 

The amazing Ish Baker, who has catered for us in the past, will be preparing this Ayurvedic balanced meal for us to enjoy on our retreat:

- Daikon and sunflower sprout salad
- Anasazi and quinoa kitcheri
- Brazil nut saag (nut-free available)
- Root vegetable curry
- Plus! Ish’s Homemade Elixirs, Superfood chocolate and more for us to enjoy!!!

INVESTMENT OPTIONS (you choose the price that works best for you):

>1) Full Investment and Scholarship Supporter: $225*

*Thank you! You will help sponsor four women from the Prison Transition Program to join us on scholarship.

2) Budget Investment: $175

3) Thrifty $125

4) Mother/Daughter package:  $250 total*


Check or cash mailed/dropped off to Energize, 765 Gilpin Dr. Boulder, CO 80303

Credit Card: Paypal to or contact Shanti at that email to use another credit card.Credit card purchases please add 4% additional to your investment cover credit card company fees.

Refund Policy: Although we are unable to make any refunds, the registrations are transferable to another person if you are unable to attend.  

To find out more about Shanti’s co-facilitators for this year, please visit their websites:

Lisa Wimberger of

Kelly Larson of

Teresita Nomadica of