July 28-30 Attuning to the Body Current & SoMAntra Kirtan at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Attuning to the Body Current
Sacred Sound, Ecstatic Chant, & Embodied Movement

at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

with Shanti and Scott Medina

Journey into self-discovery by attuning to your Body Current® intelligence, the present-moment pathway of innate wisdom and sensory communication between the mind, body, and spirit. Through awareness, intention, and repetition, new pathways form in the brain/body neural map to mitigate stress, anxiety, and even chronic pain. 

Enjoy embodied and experiential, live-music sessions that explore somatic principles as you:

  • Learn simple and highly effective body-centered practices and yoga therapy techniques designed to imprint new neural pathways
  • Experience shifting and uplifting your neurobiology through self-realization, breathwork, sacred soundscapes, sound formulas, and live SoMAntra chanting
  • Ignite and illuminate your true nature, shedding that which is ready to be released and transformed through powerful neurosculpting brain-training meditations.
  • Share in Kripalu’s Saturday evening music performance “SoMAntra® Ecstatic Kirtan” with a full-band open to all Kripalu guests

Investment: $235.00 Tuition plus two nights lodging of your choice

Total housing costs for all program nights; meals included:
Dormitory: $198.00
Standard: $262.00 and up
Standard Plus: $398.00 and up

Recommended listening: Scott and Shanti Medina, SoMAntra®: Where Soma and Mantra are One (double CD)

Purchase in advance or at the Kripalu Bookstore. 

This weekend workshop is appropriate for all levels of practice and experience. 

Registration: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health



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