Plugging into Your Body Current Intelligence

Each moment offers us the opportunity to plug into our current of mind-body-soul communication, also known as our Body Current intelligence. New neural pathways of well-being and embodied self-realization begin to take root as neural and cellular imprints in our neurobiology when we are reminded of our true nature, breath by breath.  Establishing a sense of safety and a felt-sense awareness of the current moment, are the first steps in plugging into our abiding, pulsating intelligence.  With so many world and life events out of our control, compassionately taking control of our inner environment is key in finding a moment of ease in a less than easeful situation . We are now empowered and primed to navigate our inner landscape and begin to investigate and regulate our emotional response from a place of self-compassion and calming clarity. 

Dr. Stephen Porges, in his research with the Polyvagal Theory, found self-stimulation of the vagus nerve can mitigate stress responses, improve levels of anxiety and depression, relieve inflammation and pain, as well as improve digestion and sleeping patterns. The vagus nerve, our tenth cranial nerve, is one of the master regulators of our autonomic nervous system. The current of communication in the vagus nerve connects the brain to major systems in the body as it innervates the heart and lungs, stomach and gut, throat and facial muscles. Approximately 80 percent of the vagus nerve feedback loop travels from the body to the brain allowing us to create a sense of safety and connection through the body to reprogram the neural pathways of the brain.

In my Body Current® modality, we create the opportunity to cultivate a felt-sense of safety through the present moment by plugging into our mind-body-soul-centered current of intelligence with the 3-A foundational principles of embodied self-realization. These simple, yet not always easy, principles create a sense of safety, calm and ease in the autonomic nervous system allowing us to self-stimulate the vagus nerve.  These 3-A principles can be applied immediately to our everyday lives creating pathways of resiliency in self-regulating our nervous system, breath by breath or layered with your favorite mindfulness practice like chanting and yoga.

Why not give it a try with me now?

Engage with these 3-A principles for the next 60 seconds to plug into your mind-body-soul current of embodied communication.  When you feel complete, take a few breaths imprinting your experience. Create a somatic seed by either alternating finger taps on your heart and head or naming what you observed during your experience in 3-5 words. 

Awareness – Focus your heightened awareness on the current of sensations informing your present moment experience.  Remind yourself that you are safe enough in this moment to be directing your awareness in this way. What’s happening in your body? What’s arising in your thoughts and emotions? What’s the cadence and texture of your breath?  Directing our novel awareness on the felt-sense of what is arising through the moment, while curiously observing the associated thought script or story, disengages the limbic activity and engages the higher executive functioning areas of the brain to create new neural pathways.

Acceptance – With compassion and without judgement accept thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions that arise through the current moment with open inquiry and wonder. Even if you feel some sort of pain, momentarily accept the sensations, emotions and thoughts arising by viewing them outside of you on a screen.  This does not mean you need to agree with or support what is presenting itself thorough the moment, but rather reduce resistance and increase acceptance of all that is arising to create space allowing the nervous system to detect a sense of safety and calm through the vagus nerve.

Allowing – Once safety is established with the first two principles, you are now equipped to self-regulate your emotional response by stimulating your vagus nerve. Allow for an experience of self-realization through practices such as slow smooth rhythmic breathing, humming, chanting or mindful body-centered movement to self-stimulate the vagus nerve and regulate your nervous system. Plugging into this intelligence, establishes a new mind-body-spirit current of communication imprinting pathways of safety, calm and well-being into your neurobiology.

Plugging into Your Body Current Intelligence Practice Video Companion Available:

Consider the 16-minute companion video to deepen into this practice alongside me and to learn a bit more about the neuroscience behind the vagus nerve and the Body Current 3-A principles here: Plugging into Your Body Current Intelligence Video Practice 

Shanti Medina

Shanti Medina, CYT CNSF is the founder of Body Current®, an empowering application of simple somatosensory practices and entrainment principles to ignite embodied self-realization, release stress patterns, resolve trauma imprints and live a life powered by intention with each breath. She is a Certified Neurosculpting®Facilitator, Pranic Healer and Yoga Therapist sharing her Body Current curriculum as faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as well as the certification program at the Neurosculpting Institute.  She and her husband recently released their highly celebrated double CD SoMAntra®. The CD is a collection of original ecstatic chants from wisdom-traditions around the globe along with soundscapes and guided meditations alongside Body Current® practices to self-regulate the nervous system and empower the innate wisdom for healing and well-being. Shanti offers retreats and events around the globe as well as personalized Body Current® consultations and embodied meditations in person, by phone or via Skype. Find out more about Shanti at

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