The Science of Rituals and the Power of Patterns

Some patterns we create are conscious and some unconscious. Recent studies are pointing more and more to the power of repetition in creating habits and in empowering healing. A ritual is an intentional structured pattern not too dissimilar from the pattern of morning coffee with the intention of waking up or a Saturday morning jog to energize our wellbeing. 

With repetition we create patterns in our lives and pathways in our body and brain. The repetitive patterns become superhighways of conditioning intimately connected to our overall wellbeing. So, why not empower the power of repetition with intention?

The ancient practice of ritual invites in the opportunity to create intentional patterns in our lives reminding us of our true nature and our connection to something greater than ourselves. Recent studies have also pointed to rituals being a natural stress-buster and a powerful tool to manage anxiety. Through the repetitive and structured practice of ritual, we build pathways of intentional integration and explore sacred meanings in the mundane. 

Enjoy this short and simple 3-step body-centered breathing ritual below to begin each morning with awareness and consciousness. 


1) As you begin to open your eyes for the first time, begin your morning ritual by becoming aware of your breath. What’s it’s texture? Is the current of your breath slow, shallow, fast, smooth? Is your breath fluid, grounding, erratic, fiery? Notice the currents of sensation arising in your body and flowing through your brain as streams of consciousness rather than judging what is arising. Take 30 seconds or more to allow for this experience. What do you notice as you lay there in bed slowly awakening to these free flowing streams?

2) Begin to engage with your breath for 3 or more breath cycles creating slow, smooth currents rising and falling through your body. Become deeply aware of the sensations and emotions arising as you slowly come out of your dreamworld and engage with your breath.

Exhaling release your dreamworld. Inhaling receive the dawning of your new day. 

3) End with 3 or more final conscious breath cycles as you slowly get out of bed. Feel your feet for the first time on the earth and step into your day with intention. Find one adjective to describe how you feel beginning your day in this way. What intention are you breathing into your day, step by step? 

According to a recent article by Thrive Global, 

“Rituals are a natural anxiety buster. Makes sense. We’ve long known about their powerful anxiolytic properties. It’s no coincidence, for instance, that most religious prayer-based behaviors are intensely ritualistic. In fact, early proto-rituals preceded all forms of religious belief. When I say they’re old, I mean they are seriously ancient.
Now, you may be thinking that this is obvious. Of course rituals have help to relieve anxiety. And on the surface, it is indeed obvious. But if we go deeper, we begin to see why and how it is that rituals (religious or otherwise) help alleviate stress and anxiety. The new science of ritual is shedding light on these whys and hows.”,  Nick Hobson, Behavioral scientist and expert on peak mental performance

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Shanti Medina, CPT CYT CNSF has been gathering women together in sacred circles of celebration for over 15 years.  Her Stirring the Shakti women’s retreats and Divine Feminine events inspire women to join together in sisterhood, transform the mundane into magic, elevate the collective vibration, celebrate the simply sacred, empower our true nature, unleash our wild wisdom and fuel the fire of Divine Feminine purpose and passion to uplift ourselves and humanity. She is the Founder of Energize training systems and Body Current® therapeutics supporting personal transformation and embodied self-realization with every breath. She is a Certified Neurosculpting®Facilitator, Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Personal Trainer, Intuitive Life Coach and Yoga Therapist sharing her Body Current curriculum as faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as well as a variety of 500HR Yoga Teacher Training certifications in addition to empowering retreats around the globe. To find out more about Shanti and to learn more about attending or scheduling your very own sisterhood circle, visit 

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