Scott Medina & Andy Skellenger: Fingerstyle Guitar & Tabla Tarang

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Scott Medina and Andy Skellenger are teaming up to bring you a diverse evening of enchanting music at this special house concert. Experience the sacred and beautiful arts of Tabla Lahara and Tabla Tarang, a rare form of melodic percussion from North India, played by Andy who is one of the few tabla tarang artists in the world. Scott will be playing a moving repertoire of acoustic guitar solos, in the style of William Ackerman and Leo Kottke. Together, this will be a memorable evening of diverse and engaging instrumental music, held in the beautiful and intimate Prajna studio. Please join us!

Date: Friday, May 12th at  7:30pm, doors 7:15pm

Location: Prajna 765 Gilpin Dr. Boulder, CO 80303

Investment: $15

Advance tickets highly recommended due to intimate venue.  Tickets at the door based on availability. 

Credit card: Brown Paper Tickets 

Check: Check payable to “SoMAntra” for $15 per ticket and mail to: Scott Medina, 765 Gilpin Drive, Boulder 80303.

More about the artists and style of music:

Andy: The North Indian tabla is one of the most difficult and rhythmically advanced instruments on the planet, and has become one of the most iconic and popular percussion instruments in music today. Tabla Tarang is a very rare version of tabla with up to 16 tuned tablas on which the artist plays melodies, or ragas. Andy Skellenger, a well known name in the world music and jazz scene in Colorado, is one of only a few westerners to break into the world of solo tabla performance, and one of only a handful of tabla tarang artists anywhere in the world. With a deep knowledge of Indian classical music and rhythm matched with western musical sensibilities, Andy’s performances are like no other. Drawing from a large repertoire of traditional tabla music he remains true to tradition, but in addition to that he has pushed the limits of his instrument, covering bands such as John Zorn’s Masada, Hiatus Kaiyote, and Radiohead on the Tabla Tarang. A video of his original tabla tarang composition “The Longest Night” went viral in south Asia last year.

Scott: Long before Scott started leading ecstatic chanting (Kirtan), he was an avid fan of solo fingerstyle guitar and players such as Michael Hedges, Segovia, Leo Kottke, Tuck Andress, Steve Howe and Will Ackerman.  In 2002 he recorded a CD of his original guitar instrumentals with many accompanying musicians.  As the popularity of chanting took center stage of his musical life, Scott recorded several more CDs of original chanting music, leaving the finger style guitar behind.  This concert is an opportunity to breathe new life into his past repertoire and share it with others.

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