Prajna Studio

Prajna is an intimate home studio with a full kitchen and bathroom overlooking the foothills that fits about 15 yoga mats and 35-50 backjacks/chairs. Prajna, meaning heart wisdom, hosts a variety of diverse, universal offerings geared to inspire everyone who enters to feel uplifted into a journey of inner peace and outer bliss surrendering to the truth within. Prajna is a sanctuary for fitness, expansion and healing inviting visitors to open up to new ways to move their body, calm their mind and open their heart. We are located at 765 Gilpin Drive Boulder 80303.

Every Wednesday evening at Prajna from 7:30-9:30pm, we host an Adyashanti Satsang sharing potent videos of Adyashanti’s teachings for inner peace and present moment awareness. It’s a sweet gathering and all are welcome to come and enjoy. Adyashanti is one of Shanti’s favorite inspirations!! To find out more about Adyashanti visit: