Women’s Empowerment Gatherings

Energize “playshops” and annual events are designed to playfully and potently empower women to discover, express and live by their authentic selves in all aspects of their lives. Each gathering is a collaboration of music, yoga, authentic expression and celebration of the Divine feminine.

Sacral chakraSvadhisthana- Water Element, color orange, qualities are sensuality, creativity, fluidity, self-confidence, open to change, relationships.

Image courtesy of Greg Cortopassi.

Meditation: “I flow freely with the rhythms of life. I am the point from which each direction flows, I am the flow of life.” Self-nurturing exercises: Massage, swimming, bathing, emotional releasing, slow figure-8 hip circles sitting on a fitball

“Let what comes come… 
Let what goes go…
Find out what remains.” – Ramana Maharishi

“Shanti guided me in understanding my body, listening to every creak and groan. She is the best!” Karla Dakin, Dakin Designs, Louisville, CO

To find out more about Shanti’s Women’s Empowerment offerings check the upcoming happenings on this page.  If you would like to co-create in collaboration with Shanti to bring a Women’s Empowerment offering to your community contact Shanti here.