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Shanti Medina, CYT CNSF CPT created the Body Current® modality after over 15 years empowering clients through embodied self-realization, neuromuscular yoga therapy and intuitive wellness life coaching programs.  

The simple, foundational principles of the Body Current are to embody self-realization, cultivate a felt-sense of safety and empower innate wisdom using the 3 A’s: Awareness, Acceptance and Allowing with simple practices to engage and optimize the 3 B’s: Breath, Body and Brain.

Awareness of what is arising within the frame of the present moment through breath, body and brain.

Acceptance of all that is arising, even if you wish it were different.

Allowing for an experience of embodied self-realization and a shift in your neurobiology.

Slow Motion Cuts Through Commotion

When we slow down, we’re able to cut through commotion and create clarity. When we slow our breathing, our thoughts begin to slow down. When our thoughts slow down, we are able to navigate the moment with mindfulness rather than reacting with fear.  Using this simple application, each moment is an opportunity to engage with the current of our innate wisdom stepping into our true nature again and again through body-centered awareness and leadership,  breath by breath.

Build Your Own ABC Toolkit

Scheduling a private session or attending a Body Current event can support you in constructing your own ABC resiliency toolkit.  

The Body Current principles and practices can be applied immediately. Here are some steps that can help you get started today. 

A: Tether yourself to the present moment with these 3 A’s

Awareness: Rest on what is arising within the frame of the moment by directing your attention around your breath, body or brain. What is the texture and cadence of your breath? Are your thoughts slow or fast? Which sensations are you noticing in your body and where are they located?

Acceptance: Accept all that is arising, even if you wish it were different. Name and accept what you are noticing within your awareness. For instance, “I am aware my breath is rapid and shallow and my body is feeling tense and tight.”

Allowing: Allow for a safe experience of embodied self-realization and a shift in your neurobiology. Receive the moment with novelty and wonder as you allow for a felt-sense of your experience in the moment.

B: Direct your attention around and engage with the 3 B’s

Breath: The breath is the master of the mind and, in many
ways, connects the brain and the body through a divine dance of alchemy. Engage with your breath as an intimate dance, inhaling and exhaling slowly and smoothly. Calming and centering the breath sends a signal to your body and your brain that you are safely connected to the moment.

Body: The body is the barometer of the moment. Invite your awareness to rest on the sensations and signals it shares with you. Learn to trust and engage with your body’s current of communication. Where can you create more space and expansion in the body? How can you release any tension you notice? Perhaps create a somatic marker to imprint your experience by bringing your hands onto your body to feel the body’s expression of the moment. Or, create a symbol or gesture with your hands to further embody your intention of the moment, imprinting it into your neurobiology.

Brain: The brain can be optimized for a heightened state of learning by choosing thoughts wisely. Engaging with novelty and wonder rather than focusing on fear primes the neural pathways of compassion, patience and clarity. Focus on gratitude as a quick trick to redirect your brain in the moment. Simply searching for something for which you are grateful disengages the mid-brain flight/fight/freeze response, sending resources to the higher executive functioning parts of our brain, the prefrontal cortex. The brain learns from repetition. Each time you down-regulate your emotional reaction and up-regulate your conscious response, you are building new neural grooves and pathways of embodied self-realization.

C: Notice the shifts you created in the 3 Cs

Clarity and calm in breath, brain and body.
Connection to a safe felt-sense of the present moment.
Consciousness igniting whole-being innate and abiding wisdom.

Living the ABCs

Living the ABCs as a blueprint to navigate times of stress and struggle invites us to slow down. As we settle into the rough seas of life by buoying with our own innate and abiding wisdom, we no longer get pushed, pulled and tossed about by the temporary stormy moments of the present or past. We realize again and again that each and every breath offers us a choice. We can choose to engage from the center of the storm, allowing life to pass through us as divine alchemy rather than feeling like it is happening to us.  Take the next step by scheduling your in-person or Skype personalized session today to get you on your way. 

There are also 4 Live Stream Body Current Video practices available: Body Current® Heart Centering Practice, Plugging into Your Body Current® Intelligence, Body Current® Rhythmic Breathing Practice, and Body Current® Protocol for Releasing Stress and Chronic Pain. These 4 somatic practices are simple and short (16-20 minutes in length) yet pack a powerful practice. They are a great opportunity to learn to regulate and navigate your inner landscape by plugging into your Body Current intelligence again and again alongside Shanti.   Find out more: Body Current Video Practice   


Clients have amazing results in just one session as they learn to empower themselves to build new neurological pathways! Individual sessions offered in person,  via Skype or phone.  To read a recent review about the Body Current modality published in the Daily Camera newspaper read here: Body Current Boulder Workout of the Week.  Body Current was also named BOULDER’S BEST 2015 WORKOUT in the category of yoga by Aimee Heckel of Daily Camera.  Read full article here:  Body Current named BOULDER’S BEST WORKOUTS of 2015


Shanti is also a Certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator offering private Neurosculpting meditations to heal trauma, rewrite limiting beliefs and find wholeness. Neurosculpting meditation modality is a whole-brain approach integrating mindfulness and neuroscience into a simple five-step method to transform limiting beliefs into unlimited potential. Neurosculpting was developed in 2007 by Lisa Wimberger to empower practitioners to live a life powered by intention through self-directed neuroplasticity. Unique to the Neurosculpting® methodology is its structure and intentional whole-brain engagement designed to support the management of stress through specific languaging syntax and proven steps to down-regulate the hyper-arousal states while simultaneously up-regulating the higher executive functioning of the brain.

Step 1: Down-regulate flight/fight/freeze response to calm the nervous system

Step 2: Enhance activity in the higher executive functioning of the brain

Step 3: Increase activity and communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain

Step 4: Imprint the meditation for easy identification and replication in day-to-day activities

Step 5: Choose a name or symbol for the meditation


To learn more about the Body Current® modality, please feel free to listen to Shanti’s interview with Sandra Guy Malhortra, Ph.D. of W Cubed on VoiceAmerica Internet Radio along with Lisa Wimberger, Founder of the Neurosculpting® Institute as they share how their modalities support people in resolving trauma and chronic pain whiling mitigating daily stress. It’s a free on demand audio at this link: “Transformation and Regeneration from the Inside Out”

Shanti Medina


Shanti’s Body Current work supported me in working through the multiple physical and mental issues that so many professional musicians endure. Learning how to align my posture and to self-regulate my nervous system so that I could remain calm and present while performing changed my playing dramatically. The practices she gave me supported me in reprogramming and unraveling old conditioning and embedded trauma while creating alignment and ease in my mind and body. – Lisa de Alwis, Ph.D., musicologist and pianist

Wow Shanti! Thank you so much for following your heart’s call. You are a profoundly gifted healer. I am so grateful that you shared Body Current with me. I have done a great deal of healing work over the years and even with all of that it didn’t seem I was able to completely heal the PTSD that has been with me for so long.   In one short session with you, I had miraculous results!! I feel as if I came full circle, honoring all aspects of this precious journey and have come to once again uncover a greatness inside of me that I always knew was there, but couldn’t fully access. The self-imposed chains have fallen. The veil has lifted. You helped me open the door… to so many things releasing trauma that I had suppressed for years. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am deeply grateful for you and the beauty you bring to the planet. -Annie Freedom, Founder and President Samadhi Center for Yoga

After years of excruciating sciatic pain and thousands of dollars working with traditional and alternative practitioners, Shanti changed my life in only 6 private sessions. – Holly S., athlete and mother

“I continually get positive feedback from patients regarding her unique combination of technical expertise and inspiring personality. I feel so fortunate to collaborate with Shanti for the benefit of my patients!” – Danielle Custode, D.C.  Full Potential Chiropractic