Yoga Revealed Podcast with Shanti: Empowerment, Transformation & Self-Realization

Alec Vishal Rouben, founder of Yoga Revealed Podcast, interviews Shanti Medina, founder of Body Current therapeutics and Energize training systems, about the transformational power of yoga. Enjoy this uplifting and heartfelt podcast sharing in a lively discussion about how yoga has transformed both Shanti and Alec’s lives in so many ways. From Shanti’s childhood trauma and past injuries to Alec’s travel around the globe, hear how the empowering practice of presence and yoga have revealed their most enlightening moments of healing and self-realization.

Click here to listen: Yoga Revealed Podcast #101 with Shanti Medina

Aloha & Namaste Yoga Revealers!

This is Alec Vishal Rouben and it is my true pleasure to be tuning in with you and sharing this MOMENT together.

The past few weeks have been incredibly transformative for me as I continue to step into leadership in the facets of SEVA I am filling myself up with, from Yoga, Travels across this incredible planet, and sharing the goodness of my superfood endeavor with the world.

I have landed back in Boulder, Colorado for a short period of time, and while doing so, I have connected with a leader in the conscious boulder community, Shanti Medina.

Shanti is the founder of Energize Training systems nd Body current Therapeudtics. She is a true REVEALER, instead of calling herself a HEALER- and she transmits incredible LOVE source vibration into all experiences in life. I feel this deep conversation can be immediately applied into your self to self-regulate your brain for Self-realization, thus embodying Transformation, limitless sovereignty, and total presence.

Enjoy this episode of the yoga revealed Podcast!

thank you SO much for tuning in, tapping in and TURNING ON the frequency of LOVE.

This is alec vishal rouben and it is my HONOR and deep privilege to share YOGA with YOU through this platform. More and more, I have been connecting with you all via instagram and i encourage you to reach out to me via @aleclovelifeyoga & share your hearts. We are here to connect. I feel blessed to share this podcast and the potency of the vehicle that is the Purium superfoods with you all!

If you feel called to connect with Shanti Medina, you can visit her website at

She is here to be a direct channel of Love, Light, and deep somatic healing for us all!

Until next time, this is Alec Vishal Rouben sending LOVE!

My heart to yours,

Alec Vishal

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