In addition to holding community gatherings at Prajna, Shanti and her husband, Scott Medina, produce large events throughout the Front Range bringing together unity and diversity through music and spirit.  Our latest gathering, Peace PUSH! (Peacemakers Uniting Spiritual Humanitarianism) was attended by over 200 people celebrating peace while raising funds for the victims of the tsunami in Japan.

Enjoy this video of the first annual Peace PUSH!:

Along with Steve Bross, Shanti and Scott helped to inspire and create, a social network for healers and shakers in the CO Front Range and Texas  inspiring positive inner and outer change. Click here to find out more and join the Tribe.

Heart chakraAnahata – Air Element, color emerald green, qualities are balance, community, unity, trust, compassion, gratitude.  The heart chakra is located in the center of our chest and is the middle of our chakras connecting the lower three physical chakras to the upper 3 etherial chakras.  It is often referred to as the seat of our soul.  A great way to balance the heart chakra is walking in the green grass with bare feet.

Heart Chakra Conscious Breathing (Pranayama) Meditation: Either sitting comfortably or laying down, place your palms at your heart with your thumbs gently pressing into your sternum.  As you inhale, invite a wave of compassion to flow into you and through you.  As you exhale send out that wave of compassion to a person or place.  Feel your heart chakra respond to the breath and to the compassionate energy you are creating and sharing.