Your Body Current has a story -  a frequency of healing - to share with you. A story of reclaiming your radiant wellbeing. Let's navigate your Body Current together by taking your healing and optimal wellbeing into your own hands breath by breath.

Take your health and happiness into your own hands by unleashing your wild wisdom.

Are you ready to live a life woven by your wisdom and empowered by your abiding true nature?

My name is Shanti and I am here to empower you with proven and simple tools to illuminate your true nature and connect with your spirit guides.

Together we reclaim your power and restore your passion through self-realization. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Restore Your True Nature and Innate Intelligence

By releasing past conditioning, we are restoring homeostasis and reclaiming our radiance.

The body is a barometer for illumination and transformation.

Let’s gently navigate the currrents of
and breath
to release the neurobiology of the past and begin living fully in the present.

Clients say…

“I have suffered from advanced stages of autoimmune dysfunction. I was feeling hopeless with all the pain I was experiencing in my body day after day, year after year. After one session of Body Current mind/body mapping work with Shanti, my muscle pain decreased and my energy increased.”
Leslie G., CO

“Wow Shanti! I have done a great deal of healing work over the years and even with all of that it didn’t seem I was able to completely heal the PTSD that has been with me for so long. In one short session with you, I had miraculous results!!”
Annie F, CO

“This year has been the best year so far from erasing pain and discomfort. I am so impressed with the Body Current techniques you showed me."
Howard K., Canada

Each story of our life is stored in the cells of our body.

Neurological impritinging creates currents through our body, frequencies through our heart and streams in our mind with each experience of our life.

With focused attention and earnest intention, you have the power with each breath to instantly impact your health by shifting your body current.

Through a traumatic childhood, I learned to navigate my inner environment, through body, brain and breath. These very templates of whole-being awareness I created as a child, coupled with my advanced certifications, are the foundational principles and practices of my Body Current® modality as a bridge between modern-day neuroscience and ancient wisdom. Whether you are struggling with health concerns or feel stuck in stressful or unempowering life patterns, I am here to support you in revealing your innate intelligence and living the life of your dreams by applying simple templates of body-centered mindful patterns to your daily life.

The current of wild wisdom within each of us not only holds the answers to all of our questions, but also the potential pathways to our wellbeing.

Chanting and Sacred Sound

Scott and Shanti Medina are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo from Boulder, CO on a mission to uplift humanity by empowering self-realization.

Scott and Shanti’s sacred sound workshops, ecstatic community chants, and inspiring retreats around the globe offer a sweet and deep dive into the innate wisdom. They recently released their double-CD project SoMAntra™. The CD is a collection of original chants from wisdom traditions around the globe along with body-centered yoga therapy meditations to self-regulate the nervous system and ignite your innate wisdom.

somantra CD Cover

Womens’ Wellness & Sacred Sisterhood

As women navigating modern times, with increasing demands of juggling family and career, we are discovering the need to return to our roots for whole-being wellness. In the search for balance between self-care and self-awareness, we are turning again and again to ancient practices to attune to and live from the wild wisdom within. Sisterhood retreats provide an opportunity to join with others in an oasis of calm, clarity and connection within a sacred circle.
“During your retreat is the first time I can remember truly feeling comfortable in my skin and my power. It was life changing to be in a circle of women for a full day. I feel nourished and seen. I will never forget this experience.”
– Lisa,
2016 Stirring the Shakti
Women’s Retreat
“I learned so much about myself while gaining experience on how I can apply simple practices in my life to continue my journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Karen,
2018 Stirring the Shakti
Women’s Retreat

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