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SoMAntra™ is a double-CD produced by three-time Grammy-winning producer Tom Wasinger with over 150 minutes of ecstatic chants, sacred sound meditations, and embodied practices empowering the innate mind/body wisdom to self-regulate the nervous system.  This unique collection of original chants, 45 minutes of guided soundscape meditations and embodiment practices from wisdom-traditions around the globe take the listener on a journey into the current moment of abiding self-realization.   These simple body intelligence practices support the practitioner in mitigating stress and resolving chronic pain as they discover applicable and transformative tools to self-regulate the nervous system through mantra (chanting), mudra(ancient symbolic hand gesture energy seals), sacred sound, and guided meditation.

SoMAntra™ is the experience where SOMA (body) and MANTRA (sacred sound incantation or invocation) are ONE vibration.


1 – Gam Gam GaneshaFeaturing Chuck White on sitar
Intention: May I transform self-limiting obstacles into opportunities
Gam Gam Ganesha Sharanam Ganesha
Gam Gam Ganesha Jai Jai
Gam Ganapataye Namo Namah

2 – Gayatri MantraFeaturing Sandra Wong on violin
Intention: May the Divine Light illuminate intellect and abiding true nature
Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

3 – Maha SoMAntra – Featuring Sheela Bringi on Bansuri flute
Intention:  May I find Joy in counteracting the ill effects of stress and anxiety
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna  Krishna Krishna  Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama  Rama Rama  Hare Hare

4 – Jai Jai Sita Ram – Featuring Joe Jogerst  on Hammond organ
Intention:   May I dance the Union of divine feminine and masculine
Sita Ram  Jai Jai Sita Ram  Jai Jai Sita Ram  Ram Om
Hare Ram Hare Ram  Ram Ram Hare Hare

5 – Shiva in 5 – Featuring Eyal Rivlin on guitar
Intention:  May I rest in illuminating, abiding True Identity
Om Namah Shivaya
Hara Hara Hara Bam Bam

6 – Hey Ma Durga
Intention: May I surrender to the Divine Warrior Goddess
Hey Ma Durga
Jaya Jagadambe Ma Durga

7 – Jai Jai Hanuman – Featuring Sheela Bringi on Bansuri flute
Intention:   May I be a Divine Servant in truth and unconditional love
Jai Jai Hanuman  Jai Jai Hanuman
Sita Ram Sita Ram

8 – Mahadev Shambo – Featuring Sandra Wong on Nyckelharpa
Intention:  I bow to the Auspicious One, the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer
Om Namah Shivaya
Mahadev Shambo

9 – Goddess Lullaby – Featuring Eyal Rivlin on guitar
Intention:  I bow to the many forms of the Goddess
Sri Ma (Durga) Devi Hey Amba Ma
Sri Ma Om Narayani  Hey Amba Ma  Namo Namaste
Maha Devi Jai Ma  Sri Maha Devi Jai Ma

10 – Loka Samasta- Featuring Sheela Bringi on Bansuri flute and Eyal Rivlin on guitar
Intention:  May all Beings be free from suffering. May my thoughts, words and actions contribute to the freedom from suffering of All.
Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu
May All Beings Be Happy and Free, Be at Peace, May We Live in Unity


CD 2

1 – Native American Blessing and Honoring of our Connections
Intention: A blessing and honoring of Mother Earth and our Connection to all
Spoken in the the Native Nde (Apache) language: Nzhoo ~ Da Yich Onii ~ Diyinihii ~ Gozhooni
Featuring Cochise One Paw

2. Body Current Grounding and Rooting Soundscape Meditation* 
Embodiment: Earth Element, Base of the Spine, Root Chakra
Prithvi Mudra**
Mudra Intention: Reduce Physical Weaknesses

3.Chant Activation: Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha
SoMAntra Application: Embodying Transformation of Obstacles into Opportunities

4. Body Current Fluidity and Flow Soundscape Meditation
Embodiment: Water Element, Lower Naval, Sacral Chakra
Dhyana Mudra
Mudra Intention: Deep River of Contemplation

5. Chant Activation: Durga Ma, Kali Ma, Durga Ma Kali
SoMAntra Application: Fluid and Flow in the Womb of the Mother Warrior

6. Body Current Purification and Illumination Soundscape Meditation
Embodiment: Fire Element, Upper Naval, Solar Plexus
Ganesh Mudra
Mudra Intention: Igniting Self-confidence, Will Power and Courage

7. Chant Activation: Hey Ma Kali Ma / Primordial Shake of the Goddess
SoMAntra Application: Grace under Fire, Shaking Off Residue and Shedding Illusion

8. Body Current Heart Attunement Soundscape Meditation
Embodiment: Air Element, Heart Center, Heart Chakra
Padma Mudra
Mudra Intention: Blossoming the Lotus Flower of the Heart

9. Chant Activation: Hare Rama, Hare Rama Om, Sita Rama, Sita Rama Om,
Om Hare Om Hare Om

SoMAntra Application: Heart Tone Up and Tune In

10. Body Current Immunity and Unity Soundscape Meditation
Embodiment: Ether Element, Throat/Neck/Jaw, Throat Chakra
Garuda Mudra
Mudra Intention: Soaring and Sustaining

11. Chant Activation:  Ya Allah
SoMAntra Application: Self-Expression Stimulating Immunity, Cultivating Unity

12. Body Current Intuitive Brain Reframe Soundscape Meditation
Embodiment: Light Element, Forehead/Pre-frontal Cortex, Third Eye Chakra
Hakini Mudra
Intention: Attuning Intuition, Unity and Innate Wisdom

13. Chant Activation: Shalom
SoMAntra Application: Illuminating and Embodying Seeds of Peace

14. Body Current Awakening Consciousness Soundscape Meditation
Embodiment: Universal Consciousness, Crown of the Head, Crown Chakra
Akasha Mudra
Intention: Allowing True Nature

15. Chant Activation: Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
SoMAntra Application: Awakening and Celebrating Consciousness, Uniting Head and Heart

16 – Benediction: Prayer of St. Francis –  A Rhythmic Blessing of Peace
Intention: May we be a vessel of Peace and Service
Featuring Steve Bross on tabla

*Soundscapes designed by Robert Rand, Sound Engineer,  and Shanti Medina, Body Current® Founder

**Mudra: an ancient, symbolic hand gesture energy seal

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