Simple Practice: Short Moments of Silence

S I L E N C E When is the last time you actually scheduled some silence for yourself? It may sound weird to actually schedule ourselves some moments of silence or stillness in our day, but in today's often chaotic world, slowing down and tuning in can be the lifeline to keep our inner … [Read more...]

Sacred Arts Practitioner Program Sampler Nights

INHABIT YOUR TEMPLE. ENLIVEN YOUR WISDOM. The StarHouse Sacred Arts Practitioner program is a dynamic 9-month immersion into inhabiting the temple of your life.  Beginning Spring 2019 this program, which includes live events and virtual components, is designed to illuminate and empower our innate … [Read more...]

Fiske Planetarium Cosmic Chant & Sound Journey

Join Fiske Planetarium, Mira Devi and Scott & Shanti Medina for an unforgettable evening of multi-sensory transformation and illumination. This unique participatory evening will feature live music soundscapes, ancient mantra chanting and embodied meditations from traditions around the … [Read more...]

Breathe and Be a Tree: Simple and Short Practice

Take a few minutes today to BREATHE and be a tree and see what you notice. It's simple to get our breath ON yet not easy to remember turn OFF autopilot and turn ON conscious breathing. Here is a short Body Current visualization breathing practice you can try today to stimulate your vagus nerve and … [Read more...]

Stirring the Sacred, Magnetizing Miracles: 3-Week Online Course

Stirring the Sacred, Magnetizing Miracles Join Shanti and Ananda Glick for a 3-week global online program Oct. 28-Nov. 18 to experience, apply and integrate practices and principles of body-centered attention, intention, and affirmation.  The late Autumn season post-Equinox is a time to tune in and … [Read more...]

The Science of Rituals and the Power of Patterns

Some patterns we create are conscious and some unconscious. Recent studies are pointing more and more to the power of repetition in creating habits and in empowering healing. A ritual is an intentional structured pattern not too dissimilar from the pattern of morning coffee with the intention of … [Read more...]

3 Reasons to Step into a Sisterhood Circle

In today's hustle and bustle to keep up with the ever increasing demands of juggling family and career, women are realizing more and more the importance of slowing down and tuning in.  In the search for balance between self-care and self-awareness, women are turning again and again to sisterhood … [Read more...]

Full Moon Fire Ceremony & Community Chant

Join Scott and Shanti Medina and special musical guest Jon Crowder for an evening in community at their home studio, Prajna, celebrating the recent Capricorn Full Moon.  We'll share in a sacred fire ceremony to cast our intentions under Mother Moon and join our hearts in ancient chants and … [Read more...]

Winter Park SoulSisterhood Gathering

Let it never be said that she was not wild enough. That she did not live enough passion, or love with enough abandon…. Let it never be said that she was too shy, or too timid to sing her heart songs, to bellow out loud, and off tune if need be, the sacred songs of her staff. Let it never be said … [Read more...]

Stirring the Shakti: 7 Day Personal Journey into the Sacred June 21-27, 2018

Our February Stirring the Shakti: 7 Day Personal Journey into the Sacred was such a huge success with over 45 women joining the online global sisterhood, Shanti is offering another weeklong journey from the privacy of your own home sanctuary June 21-June 27 to celebrate Summer Solstice and … [Read more...]