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Shanti Medina is a CPT, CYT specializing in self-realization fitness:  Awakening to the realization of the true self beyond identification of pain and ego through specific, empowering physical fitness techniques including mind/body mapping, neuromuscular repatterning, core integration, and neuroplasticity.   Not only does Shanti support professional athletes but also those navigating life’s transitions and spiritual transformations.   Her passion lies in creating and celebrating community in her classes, trainings and retreats while inspiring her private clients and students to move from a strong, balanced core in all aspects of their lives.  Shanti humbly holds the certifications of Reiki Master/Teacher, Advanced Pranic Healer, American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Therapist and Pilates instructor as well as Advanced Sports Nutritionist. She infuses the wisdom of these teachings to guide her students and clients into a somatic journey of discovery, observation and play to live by her tag line: Don’t Just Exercise, Energize™.

“Shanti’s yoga, fitness classes and personal training are truly wonderful!!  In a short period of time, she took me to a fitness level I’d never imagined! She’s a genius in knowing how to plan a class for a wide variety of fitness levels and exactly how far to push – enough to make you feel the burn, and at the same time, keeping your confidence strong. Each week you’ll be little bit stronger, and ready for more.   Her classes are addicting! Shanti genuinely cares about everyone in her class, and is very attentive to each individual’s needs – whether it’s a recovering shoulder, weak wrists, or getting over a cold – and then modifies the exercises accordingly. She takes care of you while taking you to your edge!! It’s really personal training in a social setting!  I would recommend Shanti’s classes to anyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or experience. She totally knows what she’s doing and you will love her!Roberta Metge, Marathon Runner

Solar Plexus chakra Manipura- Fire Element, color yellow, qualities are sun energy, life’s purpose, will power, the core, authenticity

Meditation: “I am blessed with vibrant personal energy to live fully from my authentic nature in the world.”

Self-empowering exercise: Stand with your feet hip width apart or sit in a chair.  Keeping your core engaged, shoulder blades, neck and jaw relaxed, lift your arms with fingers spread making the image of a sun around you.  Inhale deeply as you raise your arms above your head and exhale completely as your bring your arms back to your side.  Invite your breath to match the slow movement of your arms envisioning yourself as the center of the sun.   Imagine you are burning away any perceived obstacles on the exhale and on the inhale you are bringing the power of the sun into your body energizing each cell with your authenticity.

Shanti’s Personal Training style and Wellness Coaching is quite unique as she uses years of wisdom, steadfast inner guidance, and the key Universal Principles of Functional Movement and Alignment to help her clients find holistic balance in their body alleviating years of pain and opening up to a lifetime of fitness. She developed Boulder Collaborative Wellness in which she networks with other area professionals to create a nest in which a treatment plan is co-created to utilize the unique genius/area of specialty in unison to serve the specific needs of the client.

In addition, she designs personalized fitness programs infusing an eclectic and potent blend of Pilates fitball, free weights, core integration and stabilization, yoga and cardiovascular endurance. Energize clients range the full spectrum of fitness levels from new moms to professional athletes training for events around the globe. We love helping to guide people through life’s transformations by inspiring them to live and move from their core bring into union their physical, emotional and energetic bodies creating hormonal balance, a sustained increase in energy and a reduction in stress. By adopting a lifestyle of holistic and balanced fitness and nutrition, my students and clients find the benefits of not just exercising but energizing.

Movement Screening Technique

A Movement Screen is a technique which empowers awareness in observing exactly where a person is tight and restricted in motion, has limited core integration and embodies muscular imbalances.  Often times these imbalances cause pain in the body and/or limitations in fitness ability.  The outcome of this 60 minute screening is a set of individualized and simple yoga postures, core integration exercises, breathing techniques and meditations for clients that will bring balance, loosen their restrictions and effect a fundamental transformation in their ability to move with less pain and more efficiently in the lives and in their exercise programs/training sessions.

This screening is a process of working with Shanti that usually takes approximately 60 minutes. The client then performs the suggested postures, exercises and breathing patterns on their own.  The screening can then be repeated at a later date to establish the areas of improvement in range of motion, symmetry, strength, balance, and overall fitness.  The Movement Screen philosophy is based in the Functional Movement Screen systems.

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