Simple Practice: Short Moments of Silence

When is the last time you actually scheduled some silence for yourself?

It may sound weird to actually schedule ourselves some moments of silence or stillness in our day, but in today’s often chaotic world, slowing down and tuning in can be the lifeline to keep our inner environment calm and clear.

This practice can be especially helpful during the change of seasons as we approach Autumn Equinox, the time of equal light and dark.

Schedule yourself short moments of silence throughout your day. No music. No conversation. No distractions.

Simply be in the S I L E N C E….

L I S T E N inward…

B R E A T H E deeply…

Notice what you notice. Where does your attention go?  What do you hear as you listen deeply to your outer and inner environments? How are your senses responding to the silence?  What do you notice when you track your breath?

Perhaps set an alarm for 1-2 minutes of silence as you begin to integrate this practice into your day and then allow your timeframe to grow day by day adding in a bit more silence here and there.

When you feel complete with your practice of silence, state 1-3 words to describe how you are feeling in the moment.  For instance, you may describe yourself as feeling calm, grounded, content.

Here are 3 ways you can begin right now to shift your inner environment and uplift your calm through silence:

1) SIT in silence during your commute
2) WALK in silence outside during your lunch break
3) LAY in silence before falling asleep and upon awakening

What other ways can you imagine enjoying some simple and short moments of silence in your day?

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