3 Reasons to Step into a Sisterhood Circle

In today’s hustle and bustle to keep up with the ever increasing demands of juggling family and career, women are realizing more and more the importance of slowing down and tuning in.  In the search for balance between self-care and self-awareness, women are turning again and again to sisterhood gatherings or women’s retreats to join with others in the same pursuit to experience an oasis of calm, clarity and connection within a sacred circle.  Of course, sisterhoods and circles are nothing new.  Women have been gathering together in circles all over the planet for generations.   What may be new for some is the depth of connection and breadth of wisdom that can be shared within a sisterhood.

After leading and attending women’s retreats and sisterhood circles for over 15 years, I have heard again and again from women from around the globe year after year how their individual strength, health and joy were magnified within the container of a sacred circle.  Women of all ages, races, shapes and sizes experience the power of being deeply connected while sharing and hearing their prayers and fears.

During your retreat is the first time I can remember truly feeling comfortable in my skin and my power.  It was life changing to be in a circle of women for a full day.  I feel nourished and seen.  I will never forget this experience. – Lisa, 2016 Stirring the Shakti Women’s Retreat

Here are just 3 of the many reasons I feel, personally and professionally, every woman would benefit by stepping into a sisterhood circle.

1) Calm

We all have moments of commotion, internally and externally, which lead us away from being calm. I like to say, “Slow motion cuts through commotion.” Slowing down creates calm allowing us to become aware of unclear aspects of ourselves and even some deeply rooted fears. These fears can stem from childhood traumas or present moment dramas. Such imprints can lead to unhealthy habits of worry and unconscious conditioning of blame and shame that can derail our lives.  Stepping fully into a sacred sisterhood circle offers us a respite of calm to shift our awareness from our outer environment to our inner environment.  We learn to navigate our life with inner strength and grace, from the place of calm and empowerment experienced within the sisterhood.  We leave the circle with a new set of tools we can immediately apply to our lives to cultivate calm within and without.

I learned so much about myself while gaining experience on how I can apply simple practices in my life to continue my journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Karen – 2018 Stirring the Shakti Women’s Retreat

2) Clarity

Stepping into an intentional circle of sisterhood offers life changing clarity.  Joining together in sacred ceremony and ancient wisdom unfurls a deeper sense of attention to our intention, breath by breath.  We remove our “auto-pilot” tendencies and habits allowing old patterns and unhealthy pathways to dismantle through our mind, body and spirit.  We fuel the wellspring of our wellbeing when we share our wisdom and root into our intentions with clarity, integrity and accountability.  As we feel seen and heard by a conscious sisterhood, the sense of renewed clarity and awakened insight can be deeply transformational.

3) Connection

Feeling a sense of connection to other women not only uplifts our individual spirit but also raises the vibration of the collective.  So many modern day women are yearning for connection to other women, but often times don’t know where to turn.  Having a sisterhood community to lean into during life’s strife and to celebrate alongside us as we birth our purpose and passion into the world, is deeply transformative.  We learn to attune to our wild wisdom and share our true nature within a safe and sacred container as we plant seeds to build sustainable and loving connections with ourselves and others.

Year after year I look forward to gathering with you and the women in the circle. Each year I have insights and aha moments that have changed my life. I’ve also made some amazing friends through the Stirring the Shakti gathering. – Sasha, 2107 Stirring the Shakti Women’s Retreat

For these reasons and many more, my invitation for you is to find your soul sisterhood by stepping into a circle in your community and creating unity.  You deserve this time to tend to your heart, express your wild wisdom, attune to your soul and step more deeply into your power.

Let it never be said that she was not wild enough.
That she did not live enough passion, or love with enough abandon….

Let it never be said that she was too shy, or too timid to sing her heart songs, to bellow out loud, and off tune if need be, the sacred songs of her staff.

Let it never be said that she was not willing to lay it all down for a single flower,
a single sip of wine, or a drip of precious sweet honey…

Let it never be said that the wild woman inside of you, never saw the light of day,
shining down through the dappled tree tops, as you lay on the forest floor.

Let it never be said that there was a missed opportunity to run wild and barefoot through the grass, or swim naked under the full moon.

Let it never be said that YOU are not wild my sisters, because all of you are!~Nikiah Seed

More about Shanti:

Shanti Medina, CYT CPT CNSF is the founder of Energize training systems and Body Current® therapeutics. She enjoys supporting elite athletes and everyday warriors to live a life of well-being, optimized performance and wild inspiration through simple practices of embodied self-realization.  Shanti teaches her Body Current® curriculum as a bridge between modern-day neuroscience and ancient yoga therapy and has enjoyed being part of a variety of 500HR Yoga Teacher Trainings and as faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. She is passionate about empowering her clients and students to use their breath, brain and body to reveal, energize and experience their abiding true nature and innate healing wisdom through mind entrainment body-centered practices stimulating and regulating the currents of the Autonomic and Central nervous systems.

Shanti has been gathering women together in sacred circles of celebration for over 15 years.  Her Stirring the Shakti women’s retreats and Divine Feminine events inspire women to join together in sisterhood, transform the mundane into magic and elevate the collective vibration while celebrating the simply sacred and unleashing our wild wisdom.  She and her husband Scott recently released their double-CD/download SoMAntra with over 150 minutes of ecstatic chants, sacred soundscapes and embodied meditations to ignite the innate wisdom and self-direct the nervous system.

You can find out more about Shanti, learn about upcoming retreats around the globe and schedule a private session in person or via Zoom at www.EnergizeShanti.com

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