A StarHouse Solar Celebration: Riding the Wave of Summer Solstice

Join Scott, Shanti and Gayan for a magical community Summer Solstice celebration at the beautiful and sacred StarHouse nestled in the foothills of Boulder, CO.  Enjoy a deep and sweet evening of community ritual and embodied practices from around the globe. Join in an evening communing in celebration and intention with chanting, dancing, and a community jam session as we ride the wave of Summer Solstice. All are warmly welcome.

  • Ignite your Solstice intention
  • Village Drumming Celebration
  • Reclaim your wild wisdom
  • Attune to your true nature
  • Ecstatic Chanting
  • Release your fears
  • Dance your prayers

Investment: At the door sales only, cash or check only, $15-$20 sliding scale donation.

Logistics: Doors open 7:15pm. We begin at 7:30pm

Bring with you: If you wish, bring a drum or percussion instrument for the community jam.  Also, bring a closed water bottle.

Wear shoes with closed toes for outside dancing, chanting and magic making.

Location: The StarHouse

Directions to the StarHouse: The StarHouse is located 3.5 miles west of Boulder up Sunshine Canyon. From 4th Street and Mapleton Avenue in Boulder, drive west on Mapleton Avenue (which turns into “Sunshine Canyon”) about 3.5 miles. Turn right at the sign that reads “3476.” You’ll drive up the driveway. Parking is clearly marked at the *top* of the hill. After parking, walk down the other side of the hill, towards the StarHouse, which you’ll soon see through the trees. Please wear shoes appropriate for a short walk through a forest (you’ll be taking them off once inside the StarHouse), and bring a flashlight to help.

More about Shanti, Scott & Gayan:

Scott and Shanti Medina, CNSF CYT are a dynamic husband-and-wife duo from Boulder, CO on a mission to uplift humanity by empowering self-realization. Shanti is a certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, Yoga Therapist and Founder of Energize training systems and Body Current® therapeutics. She is honored to be on faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in NY and previously at the Neurosculpting Institute in Denver, CO. Scott began chanting over 25 years ago at Omega Institute and has led chanting events for over 16 years. Their very popular sacred sound workshops, ecstatic community chants, and inspiring retreats offer a sweet and deep dive into the vibration where the soma, or body, and mantra are One. They recently released their double-CD project SoMAntra™. The CD is a collection of original chants from wisdom-traditions around the globe along with embodied yoga therapy practices to self-regulate the nervous system and ignite the innate wisdom. Find out more at www.ScottandShanti.com

Gayan Gregory Long is an internationally acclaimed drummer, composer, spiritual mentor, retreat leader, a Sheikh and story teller. He has dedicated his life to awakening human potential through music, devotional practices, pith teachings, and community celebration. Gayan is a teacher in the lineage of Sufi Ruhaniat International, a certified Leader of the Dances of Universal Peace, and a direct disciple of Pir Shabda Kahn. He has offered teachings and has performed world wide: from India to Russia, South America to Thailand, and throughout the United States. He has collaborated and lead meditation retreats with some of the foremost spiritual leaders of our time. Gayan has appeared on thirty-five recording projects and has released two albums: Padma Thunder and When Two or More are Gathered.

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