Breathe More Stress Less with Two Simple Tools

Image Credit: Allan Ajifo

Our bodies literally imprint the biography of our life. More and more research is pointing to discovering and uncovering stressors in our lives that inhibit our wellbeing and hinder our health. These stressors could be related to work, relationships, diet, or even our daily schedule. Whether big or small, stress imprints into our neurobiology leaving pathways and patterns of conditioning that tend to hijack our health. 

We may not be able to control many aspects of our outer environment but we can choose to use our tools to regulate our inner environment. Learning how to simply and effectively self-regulate our own nervous system not only releases stressors and the strife of life from our neurobiology but it also empowers us to take our health and healing into our own hands, literally one breath at a time. 

Conscious breathing is an immediately accessible tool to self-regulate our own nervous system. Throughout our day our breathing is mostly on auto pilot. When we choose to breathe slow and smooth, we tether ourselves to the present moment sending feedback to our brain and our nervous system through our breath that all is well, even during moments of stress.  

What if we had simple tools to remind us to breathe?

In today’s busy world and modern madness, we need simple and immediately accessible ways to keep calm and carry on. Here are two tools you can choose to use to breathe more and stress less. 

1. Embodying the Elements

This practice is my go-to practice to empower a felt-sense of calm and homeostasis through conscious breathing, finger tapping and visualization. You can use this tool anywhere at anytime for as little as 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The practice is both energizing and relaxing using a variety of breathing practices and hand mudras to engage a sensory experience to self-direct your nervous system. The results can be felt immediately, if you practice with earnestness and intention.  Experience the full blog practice at this link: Embodying the Elements: A Sensory Practice in Awareness 

2.  Breathe 11:11

This amazing Free App, which has ignited a global movement, chimes at 11:11 daily to remind us to breathe, connect with others around the world and make a wish.  Yes, it’s that simple, but this App can change your life with just one breath.  I was honored to be invited recently to the Breathe 11:11 headquarters in Boulder, CO as a guest on their Podcast speaking about the benefits of conscious breathing.  Take a listen to this 20 minute conversation at the link below to learn the many benefits of conscious breathing and then download the App today to begin your journey to Breathe.Wish.Connect with others around the globe. 

Breathe 11:11 Podcast with Shanti Medina : Benefits of Mindful Breathing

These two simple tools can be used to literally put your health and wellbeing into your own hands, one breath at a time.  

Enjoy your journey!

With Love,  Shanti

Shanti Medina

Shanti Medina is the founder of Body Current®, an empowering application of simple somatosensory practices and entrainment principles to ignite embodied self-realization, release stress patterns, resolve trauma imprints and live a life powered by intention with each breath. She is a Certified Neurosculpting®Facilitator, Pranic Healer and Yoga Therapist sharing her Body Current curriculum as faculty at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health as well as the certification program at the Neurosculpting Institute.  To schedule a private session, in person or via Skype, and to find out more about Shanti, visit

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