Celebrating Life’s Sacred Cycles & Stages

In a few short weeks I will embark on my 50th revolution around the sun. In honor of beginning a new stage and sacred cycle of my life, I have been focusing the past 6 months on shedding stale relationships, letting go of old ways of being, and surrendering stagnant career patterns.  I have felt the strong need to deeply discover and follow what is true for me during this chapter of my life rather than following what is true for others.

The letting go has, at times, felt a bit scary over these past many months, but I feel more secure than ever in my life.  I have come to realize I am now much stronger in my trunk of inner knowing having simplified and let go of the old.  I am deeply at peace with my choices and I feel a joyful sense of heathy boundaries opening up space for the new cycles and stages about to begin within. 

Just a few weeks ago, I was in Hawaii and had the surprise blessing to swim, for over an hour, with a pod of 40 or so wild dolphins. This was not only a life changing experience for me to feel one with the wild pod swimming and spinning all around me, but it also reminded me that I’m not alone, I’m part of something greater than myself…a collective wildness.

I had moments of fear creep in as I remembered I was deep in the Pacific Ocean, but I chose to rest in the joy of these amazing beings inviting me into their playful and wild world.  I trusted in connecting to the sacred of the moment through my wild wisdom rather than being scared about what might be swimming underneath me. A felt-sense of magical connection and merging with the moment ignited my soul and sparked a flame in my heart fueling the wellspring of my wellbeing. It has forever changed my life in so many ways. 

I’m choosing to shift from scared to sacred as I step into my 50th solar return.  

I recently noticed the two words “scared” and “sacred” are just two letters apart but a world apart with how my body and brain respond to the moment through these two very different qualities. It seems nearly impossible for the two to co-exist.  When I am resting in the sense of something greater than myself – the holy sacredness of the moment as it unfolds – there is no space for fear to exist in me.

As I age, I am choosing more and more to simplify and slow down.  I am committed to focusing my attention on and devoting my time to the simply sacred currents running through my days to navigate my life rather than the never-ending to-do list filling my calendar. 

What are you noticing and choosing for you as you move through the cycles and stages of your life?

This intimate experience with the pod of dolphin, letting go of fear and letting in my wild wisdom, inspired me to carve out a 7-day pause to cross the threshold into this next stage and age of 50 by diving deeply into my elemental nature noticing the sacred signs, symbols, cycles and rhythms of my wild wisdom.  It then occurred to me how empowering and inspiring it would be to join together for this intentional weeklong journey with other sisters, a wild pod or pack. 

Would you like to join me for this 7-day journey into the sacred?

I am devoting to a weeklong personal journey committing myself:

  • to 30 minutes a day joining in a sacred circle of sisterhood,
  • to carve out time to source from the wellspring of my soul,
  • to hear the call of my heart,
  • to align with the elements of my true nature and
  • to follow the simple and sacred current of wild wisdom bubbling up from within and unfolding all around me. 

Are you with me in devoting 30 minutes of your day to you for a 7 day personal journey? Are you also hearing the call to step into a sacred circle creating and cultivating a matrix of sisterhood to stir the Shakti, our wild creative manifesting wisdom?

We begin on January 31, 2018 with the rare second Full Moon (Blue Super Moon) of the month along with a Total Lunar Eclipse. The 7-day journey also brings us through Imbolc, the empowering halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, as we enter my birthday month.  

This energy and opportunity brings us a powerful and auspicious time on the calendar, as we embark on 2018. Not only for me personally as I turn the page to age 50, but also for the collective Divine Feminine as a whole. 

How often have we experienced feeling our bright and abiding light being eclipsed?

Imagine joining a global tribe of sisters uplifting humanity by getting to know ourselves so intimately and wildly during these 7 days that our personal and collective light will never again feel eclipsed.  

If you feel inspired to drop into this personal time for yourself, I would love for you to join me in celebrating the cycles and symbols of your life by planting our individual seeds of intention and devotion into the collective garden of the tribe during this 7 day virtual journey inward.

Find out more information and registration details hereStirring the Shakti: 7 Day Personal Journey into the Sacred

As I turn to this next chapter, I am deeply grateful for the lessons learned, friendships blossomed, and career collaborations built over these past many years. Thank you, yes YOU, for being part of this journey with me.  Even if we have just crossed hearts briefly or if you are someone I share space with regularly, I am deeply grateful for your presence in my life and on my path.  

With Love,


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