Stirring the Shakti: 7 Day Personal Journey into the Sacred June 21-27, 2018

Our February Stirring the Shakti: 7 Day Personal Journey into the Sacred was such a huge success with over 45 women joining the online global sisterhood, Shanti is offering another weeklong journey from the privacy of your own home sanctuary June 21-June 27 to celebrate Summer Solstice and to plant our seeds of intention during this potent time of year. 
 Shakti is the alive, creative, wild wisdom of the Divine Feminine.  Join in a sacred circle of sisterhood to stir the Shakti.  As we attune to the intimate intricacies and intelligence of our inherent nature, we not only shift the patterns and possibilities of our own life but also uplift the patterns and possibilities of the collective.  
This 7-day personal retreat, from Summer Solstice to the June Full Moon, is an auspicious time to plant new seeds of intention and root new patterns and pathways.  Imagine the potency and potential when we join together in an intentional circle with other women!


Are you ready to join in?

  • Attune to your innate wisdom and hear the calling of your soul within a safe circle of sisterhood.
  • Align with the elements and plant sacred seeds of intention
  • Share in daily guided meditations and inspired poetry readings to dive into the fertile time between Summer Solstice and the June Full Moon
  • Cultivate a weeklong self-paced personal daily practice to attune with the cycles, symbols, and rhythms of your true nature
  • Enjoy receiving daily 30 minute audio recordings to join in a global circle of sisterhood

This weeklong journey is for you if: 

  • You wish to join in an intentional circle of sisterhood for 30 minutes/day for YOU. 
  • You feel the pull to cultivate a sacred personal home practice.
  • You long to feel a part of a global sisterhood.
  • You are seeking an affordable (only $45) weeklong personal retreat into the signs, symbols and magic of the moment. 
  • You have an unusual work/family/school schedule, so it’s optimal to be able to tune in for 30 minutes daily from your own home sanctuary, at a time convenient for you. 
  • You wish to access the audio recordings at a later date.  Each of the recordings will be in a downloadable group folder to be accessed at any time.

 Here’s how it works: 

  • You will receive a daily email with a 30-minute audio recording of the day’s elemental (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, Light, Consciousness) practice. From June 21-June 27, each recording will include guided meditation, poetry and rituals. Listen and attune to the recording at a time of day convenient for your schedule. 
  • You will receive a total of 7 audio practices over the weeklong journey, approximately 30-35 minutes each.
  • You can listen to and follow these practices on any device by simply clicking on the link sent in the email. 
  • You can download and access all 7 practices at a later date to have the full 3.5 hr. course to listen to at your own pace.

Testimonial from the February 2018 Stirring the Shakti: 7 Day Personal Journey into the Sacred:

I am deeply grateful for this weeklong journey I just completed with you.  This is the first time I’ve committed to taking 30 minutes daily for me and it changed my life.  I felt a strong connection to the other women in the circle, but was able to listen in to the daily practices from my home at a time of day that worked for me.  This format and sisterhood gave me the gift of getting to know myself on a deeper level while empowering myself with a daily practice and personal journey into the sacred. Thank you, Shanti!” –  Karen 


Registration Information:

You will receive a total of 7 audio practices, approximately 30-35 minutes long, which Shanti will create for us the day before and send to your inbox the morning of each practice. These practices can be listened to and followed on any device by simply clicking on the link sent. You can also download all 7 practices to have the full 3.5 hr. course to listen to at your own pace for a future personal practice.

Investment: $45 

Pre-registration required by June 19, 2018 in order to receive the introductory email in time with our first practice. 

Registration: Pay by cash/check made out to Energize or via Paypal at this link. Please pay “friends and family” to avoid Paypal fees:  Stirring the Shakti: 7-day Personal Journey into the Sacred

Address for checks: Energize, 765 Gilpin Dr. Boulder, CO 80303.  If you are paying by check or cash, PLEASE also include your name and email address so we can send you your 7 practices. Thank you.

Once we receive your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps to join in with the global circle of sisterhood.  

Event Image artwork: Light Work by Autumn Skye

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